About Us

In a world polarised by ethno religious sentiment, politics, greed and materialism it is difficult for a common man to have a voice among dissention voices and opinions, it is even more difficult for one to find a trusted source of information where one can confidently rely and trust.

At Abuja Network News our aim is to provide a trusted medium and a source of accurate and reliable news as well as information absent bias or distortion of facts and figures, we also intend to provide a platform where nothing but truth will prevail, where opinions will be shared, entertained and regardless of one's creed or class. We intend to give a voice to the voiceless.

Our objective is to provide a honest and sincere medium that will not only checkmate but also fight fake news in all ramifications by providing an alternative source of news that can be trusted and relied upon by everyone.

We also intend to give voice to the voiceless by providing free media and consultancy services to the weak and vulnerable. Thus unveiling a new era where everyone regardless of class or creed can be heard without regard to class or creed. This is due to our conviction that everyone deserve to be heard in a honest and sincere as well as conducive atmosphere.

Our core values include but not limited to a. Providing an alternative media for the spread of reliable information to and from every quarter of the society.
b. Combatting fake news through in depth analysis, investigative journalism to reveal accurate facts and figures as well as fair hearing in oder to provide a fair and balanced narrative all the time.
c. We do not intend to be militant, provocative or ethnic nor regional champions absent political leaning etc. We might be political,religious or otherwise as individuals but as a group we are apolitical absent religious leaning or ethnocentric our only creed is reportage on the basic of justice, equity , fairness as portrayed by ethics of journalism.

We there for use this medium to call on the general public to assist us in this worthy cause by joining us in the service of humanity so that at the end we will build a better world where varied opinions are not only accommodated but respected.

So help us God.


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