President Tinubu's Administration Delays Land Border Reopening

By Mohammed Bello Doka

In a recent development, President Tinubu's administration has clarified that the reopening of land borders has not been directed yet. This decision comes as part of a comprehensive reorganization of the Nigerian Customs and a restructuring of border security, both of which are crucial for national security.

The Ministry of Interior has taken proactive steps to ensure that the reformation of border security is given utmost priority. A13-man committee has been established by the Minister of Interior to conduct a thorough assessment of Nigeria's borders, with the ongoing evaluation aimed at identifying the essential needs and challenges.

It is emphasized that the spread of misinformation regarding the reopening of land borders should be avoided, as the decision to reopen will only be made by the President once the significant review and restructuring processes are completed.

This announcement sheds light on the meticulous approach being taken by President Tinubu's administration to ensure that the reopening of land borders aligns with the broader goals of national security and economic stability. As the assessment and restructuring continue, the nation awaits further updates on this critical matter.

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