Ododo, APC Governorship Candidate, Inspires Confidence for Continuity in Kogi

By Mohammed Bello Doka

As the Kogi state gears up for the upcoming gubernatorial election, the political landscape is abuzz with the unique movement led by Usman Ododo, the APC Governorship Candidate. With a vision for the transformation of the state, Ododo's campaign has garnered significant attention and support from the people of Kogi.

Amidst the political fervor, it is evident that the people of the state have made up their minds to continue on a positive trajectory and stick with the ruling party. The groundswell of support for Ododo's campaign has solidified the belief that this Saturday's election is a done deal for continuity with the APC.

Under the hashtag #Ododo4KogiGov, the movement has gained momentum, reflecting the widespread belief in the potential for progress and development under Ododo's leadership. With a focus on inclusive governance and transformative policies, Usman Ododo's candidacy has ignited a sense of hope and optimism among the citizens of Kogi.

As the election day approaches, the momentum behind Usman Ododo's campaign continues to grow, signaling a clear mandate for continuity and progress in Kogi state. The stage is set for a defining moment in the state's political landscape, and all eyes are on the upcoming election as the people of Kogi unite in their support for the APC's vision of a brighter future under Usman Ododo's leadership.

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