NSA Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, has urged Nigerians to exercise patience

By Mohammed Bello Doka

As President Tinubu's administration grapples with the pressing security challenges facing the nation. Speaking at the 19th Annual Nigerian Editors Conference in Uyo, Ribadu emphasized the need for cooperation from all stakeholders to ensure the eradication of all forms of insecurity.

Acknowledging the difficulties inherited by the current administration, Ribadu refrained from assigning blame, instead calling for understanding. As a National Security Adviser, he shared his insight on the situation and the improvements observed in recent months. Ribadu stood in solidarity with President Tinubu, having witnessed the progress made and expressing hope for the future.

"We inherited a tough period. We appeal for patience and understanding. It's tough times, and that is the reality. We are not condemning anyone, but that is the truth. Those who are in charge must say the truth, say it as it is, and then hopefully things will be better for you," Ribadu stated.

In his address, Ribadu emphasized unity and the need for collective action. He appealed to the media and the public for support during these challenging times. Recognizing the significant progress achieved so far, he highlighted the reduction in militancy in the Niger Delta and the decrease in insecurity in the South East since the current administration assumed office.

Regarding the Niger Delta, Ribadu mentioned that crude oil production has increased from 1.1 million barrels per day (mbd) to over 1.7 mbd under the current administration's watch. He further noted that three weeks had passed without any incidents of security challenges in the region, an unprecedented development since 1993.

Turning his attention to the South East, Ribadu shared that when the administration took over, 46 police stations had been attacked. However, through their efforts, not a single police station has been targeted since, resulting in a significant reduction in violence. He commended the leadership of the country and called for a focus on action rather than mere words.

Ribadu concluded his address with optimism, assuring Nigerians that progress would continue to be made in tackling the security challenges. He emphasized that this is a shared responsibility and stated, "We are all in it together, it is not going to be for too long. It is a matter of time, it will be better."

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