Federal Government Unveils 2023 Supplementary Budget Allocations

By Mohammed Bello Doka

In a bid to address critical national needs and bolster the economy, the government has announced the allocation of funds in the2023 Supplementary Budget. The budget, totaling ₦2,176,791,286,033, is set to impact various sectors across the country.

National Defense and Security - ₦605 Billion
The government has prioritized national defense and security with a substantial allocation of ₦605 billion, aiming to enhance the country's security infrastructure and capabilities.

Cash Transfers for Households - ₦400 Billion
In a move to support vulnerable households, the budget includes a significant provision of ₦400 billion for cash transfers, demonstrating the government's commitment to social welfare.

Bridge Repairs and Road Construction - ₦300 Billion
Recognizing the importance of infrastructure, the government has earmarked ₦300 billion for bridge repairs and road construction, signaling a focus on improving transportation networks and connectivity.

Wages for FG Workers (Palliatives) - ₦210 Billion
In a bid to alleviate the impact of economic challenges, the budget includes a provision of ₦210 billion for wages for federal government workers, serving as a form of palliative support.

Seeds Agricultural Inputs and Infrastructure - ₦200 Billion
Agriculture, a crucial sector for national development, has been allocated ₦200 billion for seeds, agricultural inputs, and infrastructure, aiming to boost agricultural productivity and food security.

Capital Allocation for Urgent Requests - ₦200 Billion
The budget includes a provision of ₦200 billion for urgent requests, demonstrating the government's responsiveness to critical needs across various sectors.

Infrastructural Works in the FCT - ₦100 Billion
The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is set to benefit from a substantial allocation of ₦100 billion for infrastructural works, signaling a commitment to enhancing the capital's infrastructure.

Assistance for INEC - ₦18 Billion
In a move to support the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the budget includes an allocation of ₦18 billion, reflecting the government's commitment to ensuring effective electoral processes.

Take-up Grant for Ministers - ₦8 Billion
Ministers are set to receive support through a ₦8 billion take-up grant, aimed at facilitating their roles in driving national development and governance.

Students Loan (Board Operations) - ₦5.5 Billion
The budget includes a provision of ₦5.5 billion for students' loan board operations, demonstrating the government's commitment to supporting educational pursuits and empowering the youth.

The2023 Supplementary Budget allocations reflect the government's strategic focus on addressing critical national needs, fostering economic growth, and enhancing social welfare across various sectors. With these allocations, the government aims to drive sustainable development and progress for the nation.

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