Press Statement By Hamas: Palestinian Fighters Amidst Intense Fight with Israel

Press Release 

The historic Al-Aqsa Flood battle has been waged by the Palestinian resistance for over 48 hours. They attacked the entity by air, by sea, above the ground and below it, shattering the entity's false sense of security and supremacy. The valiant resistance forces have fired thousands of missiles, mortars, and drones. Hundreds of fighters have infiltrated the borders of occupied Palestine from the south and the north, leading to the deaths and injuries of thousands of settlers.

The West Bank and Al-Quds have also made their choice of resistance known. During the first 24 hours, over 300 resistance operations ignited the flames beneath settlers feet. While the resistance's missiles set flame to the skies above settlers across the occupied homeland, "elite" soldiers were seen fleeing their positions, at points even being fired at by their own.

In the last hour, the entity's Prime Minister, Netanyahu, sent a message via twitter: "We have begun. We will be victorious."

The message of Palestinians worldwide to the arrogant "Prime Minister" and his supporters: We have not yet begun. We began the moment the first settler stepped foot on our land. Our people have steadfastly resisted for decades, planning during times where the enemy believes there is calm, and surprising the friend before the foe when red lines are crossed. The entity lost the moment it "began." You cannot defeat those who love martyrdom more than you love life.

Glory to the martyrs, freedom to the prisoners, immediate healing for the wounded.

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