PDP National Officer Alhassan Resigns, Dumps Party In Kaduna

By Mohammed Bello Doka

In a surprising turn of events, Honourable Magaji Alhassan, a national member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) representing Kaduna State, has tendered his resignation and withdrawn his membership from the party. This decision comes as a shock to many, as Alhassan has been a prominent figure within the PDP.

Alhassan made his resignation public through a letter addressed to the acting National Chairman of the PDP, Umar Damagum, dated October5th,2023. The contents of the letter were not disclosed to the public, leaving many speculating about the reasons behind his sudden departure.
The resignation letter sent to the PDP National Chairman by Magaji

To further solidify his decision, Alhassan also penned another letter to the party's acting chairman of Kwabai B ward in the Zaria Local Government Area of Kaduna State, dated October7th,2023. In this letter, he formally announced his withdrawal from the PDP and returned his membership card, which he attached to the letter handed over to the ward chairman.

The resignation of Alhassan comes at a critical time for the PDP, as they have been facing challenges and internal conflicts within the party. This unexpected departure raises questions about the party's unity and stability, as well as the potential impact it may have on future political dynamics in Kaduna State.

It remains to be seen what Alhassan's next move will be and which political party he may align himself with. As the news spreads throughout Kaduna, political analysts and party members eagerly await further developments and the potential ripple effects this resignation may have on the political landscape.

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