No Apology For Backing A Northern Candidate - Abdullahi Adamu

By Mo Hanif

Senator Abdullahi Adamu, a prominent figure in Nigerian politics, made it clear that he had no regrets about supporting a northern candidate. As a proud northerner himself, he firmly stated, "I am a northerner and I would go for a northerner; and no apologies for that. I have never hidden this."

When questioned about his role in endorsing Senator Ahmed Lawan as the party's candidate, Adamu clarified that while the party chairman does have a role, he couldn't unilaterally decide on Lawan's candidacy. He said, "I could not take it on myself to float Ahmed Lawan's name." Despite the widespread perception that he was solely responsible for the decision, Adamu emphasized that it was a collective process.

Adamu further explained, "Well, of course, I take responsibility as party chairman, but nobody with maturity in politics and governance will say that Abdullahi Adamu, as the chairman of the party, would just get up and say this is my presidential candidate. It doesn't add up." He emphasized that there were proper procedures in place and that he didn't want to dwell on the past.

However, Adamu expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the situation unfolded. He criticized those who sought to gain favor with President A, stating, "What I detested about this whole setting was that people who wanted to win favors with President A..." Unfortunately, the senator's statement was left unfinished, leaving readers curious about the rest of his thoughts.

Senator Abdullahi Adamu's unwavering support for a northern candidate has sparked a debate about regional politics and its influence on Nigerian elections. While some argue that regional considerations should play a significant role in candidate selection, others emphasize the importance of meritocracy and competence.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how Senator Adamu's stance will impact the upcoming elections and the broader discourse on regional representation in Nigerian politics.

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