Why Tribunal Sacks Kano Governor Yusuf and Declares Gawuna Winner

By Mohammed Bello Doka. 
In a groundbreaking ruling yesterday, the Kano State Governor, Yusuf, was sacked by the Tribunal on three significant grounds. The Tribunal, headed by Justice Oluyemi Akinatan-Osadebey, delivered a verdict that shook the political landscape of the state. The decision was made based on meticulous examination and evidence presented during the trial.

Firstly, it was established that Yusuf was not a member of the NNPP (New Nigeria People's Party) at the time of the governorship election. This finding raised questions about the legitimacy of his candidacy and ultimately led to the Tribunal's decision to remove him from office.

Secondly, the Court found evidence of overvoting during the electoral exercise, which heavily favored Yusuf. Overvoting occurs when the number of votes exceeds the total number of registered voters or exceeds the margin of lead between candidates. The Tribunal determined that the margin of lead between the NNPP and APC (All Progressives Congress) candidates was not significant enough to justify the number of cancelled votes.

Lastly, the Tribunal deducted a staggering 165,663 votes from Governor Yusuf's total votes as invalid. These votes were declared invalid because the corresponding ballot papers were not properly stamped or signed, rendering them void according to electoral regulations.

The final tally of lawful votes in the Kano Governorship election stands as follows:

- APC: 890,705 votes
- NNPP: 853,939 votes

With this monumental ruling, the Tribunal has declared the NNPP candidate, Gawuna, as the rightful winner of the Kano Governorship election. This decision has sparked a wave of reactions across the state, with supporters of both parties expressing their opinions on the matter. It remains to be seen how this verdict will shape the political landscape of Kano and its implications for future elections.

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