Tinubu Media Team Celebrates the Appointment of Abdullahi Tanko Yakassai, As SSA to the President

By Mohammed Bello Doka. 

In a noteworthy development that has sent ripples of optimism throughout the Nigerian political landscape, the Tinubu Media Team (TMT), a political pressure group affiliated with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), has expressed their admiration for the appointment of Hon. Abdullahi Tanko Yakassai as Senior Special Assistant for Community Engagement in the North West Region, under President Tinubu's administration.

In a press release issued from their headquarters in Abuja and signed by Mr. Unegbu Ozoemena, the Secretary General of the group, TMT commended President Tinubu, asserting that this appointment signifies a significant step towards addressing the concerns of the youth and support group members who have expressed their fears regarding perceived neglect in federal appointments.

The TMT further praised President Tinubu for recognizing the immense contributions made by Mr. Yakassai and his support group, the Northern Young Professionals for Tinubu, in bolstering the success of the Asiwaju Campaign. These commendations underscore the crucial role played by dedicated individuals and their support groups in contributing to the advancement of political ambitions within the APC.

Hon. Abdullahi Tanko Yakassai, known for his steadfastness and commitment to the party's ideals, has garnered acclaim for his tireless efforts in mobilizing support for President Tinubu during the campaign period. The new role entrusted to Yakassai is seen as a well-deserved recognition of his significant contributions to the promotion and advancement of the North West Region.

The TMT's acknowledgment of Yakassai's appointment highlights the importance of inclusivity and equitable representation in the political sphere, particularly in federal appointments. It serves as an affirmation of President Tinubu's commitment to ensuring that voices from all regions are heard and that qualified individuals are given the opportunity to serve their communities and contribute to national development.

As the news of this appointment spreads, an air of optimism envelops the populace, particularly among the youth and support group members who now harbor renewed confidence in the government's commitment to their aspirations. The TMT's expression of appreciation for President Tinubu's decision to tap into the talents and potential of individuals like Yakassai deepens the hope that their concerns and contributions will continue to receive the attention they deserve.

The emergence of Yakassai in this significant role holds promise not only for the North West Region but also for the nation as a whole. It symbolizes a step towards building a government that leverages the wealth of talents across all regions, promoting unity, and fostering a sense of belonging among Nigerians.

As the Tinubu Media Team celebrates this appointment, it sends a clear message that the governing APC, under President Tinubu's leadership, is committed to addressing the diverse needs and aspirations of Nigerians by embracing inclusivity, recognizing exemplary contributions, and harnessing the collective strength of its members.

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