The Nomination Of Kolade Akinjo The Most Disastrous Error Committed By The Presidency

Dear Hon. Kolade Akinjo, I do not bear animosity against your person neither do I  have anything to collect from you which has prompted me to write this article or wish to serve as an albatross to your recent political elevation I just found it imperative to convey my reservation concerning your recent nomination as Commissioner representing Ondo State on the governing board of NDDC which has attracted torrent of encomium from your ardent loyalists and barrage of criticisms from committed members of the ruling party because I believe injustice thrives when people with good conscience fail to speak out .

While it is understandable; Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a man who plays politics devoid of bitterness, hatred and acrimony;  also a bridge builder and political traiblazer who is  ready to run inclusive adminstration that will further deepen the unity of this country and foster national integration and social cohesion but giving such a pivotal political office to someone who worked vehemently against his aspiration is the most disastrous error committed by the our president and whosever that advises him commit this colossal mistake that can ignite fire of internal skirmish or squabble is not a good friend of Mr. President.

I think it is too early for Mr. President to make the people of Ondo State to feel disgruntled or disillusioned about this current dispensation. Perhaps, Mr. President and Aso Rock cabals have forgotten the people of Ondo State gave him the highest percentage of votes and there are  prominent political chieftains in APC who committed their substantial fortunes and worked assiduously to ensure smooth political trajectory and transition of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to Aso Rock? 

Is our president telling our leaders who worked for him  stupid or foolish for their political preference or they don't deserve anything by empowering one of his political adversaries at the detriment of the party loyalists?

I do not hate Hon. Kolade Akinjo but I think the moral burden will be too heavy for him to bear to occupy the office he doesn't merit, deserve or worked for.  Accepting such nomination by Kolade Akinjo in the first place is the highest  degree of moral and political bankruptcy. In fact, a daylight robbery with facade of legitimacy on our leaders in APC.

 I see this as nothing, but an injustice and affront to the collective sensitivities and sensibilities to APC leaders in Ilaje/ Ese-Odo Federal Constituency and I implore top leaders at the echelon of the party to rectify this mistake before it is too late.

I think it is not too late for the presidency to rescind its decision and pick a party loyalist from Ilaje /Ese-Odo Federal Constituency to ensure fairness and justice. Allowing a candidate of opposition to reap where he didn't sow portends dangers to the unity of our party and recipe for disloyalty and anti party activities.

My contention is not that Hon. Kolade Akinjo is not competent to hold such political office but the fact remains;  he didn't work for the party and deserve no such appointment when there are prominent leaders in APC Ilaje/Eseodo with credible academic and leadership credentials.


Barr. Lade Ebiwanno

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