Energy Crises: Dantata Advised F.G. to Subsidize Diesel Instead of Petrol

By Mohammed Bello Doka 

In a recent post on social media, prominent businessman Sanusi Dantata highlighted a concerning issue that could pose a significant risk to our economic revival: the increasing price of Diesel (AGO). Dantata argues that this overlooked factor could have far-reaching consequences, leading to job losses and pushing more people into financial hardship.

Dantata emphasizes his preference for subsidizing diesel rather than petrol, outlining several reasons to support his stance. Firstly, subsidizing Diesel (AGO) means subsidizing production, whereas subsidizing Petrol (PMS) primarily benefits consumption. By making AGO more affordable, factories and businesses can continue to operate efficiently, leading to increased employment opportunities and better wages for workers.

The impact of cheaper Diesel extends beyond individual businesses. A thriving manufacturing sector contributes to a more productive economy, resulting in increased exports and reduced reliance on imports. This, in turn, strengthens the value of the Naira, making it more stable and robust in the global market.

Dantata further emphasizes the broader societal benefits of a well-functioning manufacturing sector. When people have stable employment, crime rates decrease, and overall security improves. Moreover, a booming economy generates more tax revenue for the government, enabling it to invest in public services and infrastructure.

Dantata concludes by urging policymakers to consider the consequences of the rising diesel prices on the economy. He emphasizes that providing subsidies for diesel would not only support businesses but also have a ripple effect on various sectors, ultimately leading to a more prosperous and secure nation.

As the price of diesel continues to climb, it is crucial for stakeholders and policymakers to take note of this hidden threat to our economic revival. By addressing the issue of diesel prices and considering the potential benefits of subsidizing AGO, we can safeguard businesses, protect jobs, and pave the way for a stronger and more resilient economy.

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