Rivers Govt Supports NDDC with Provision of ICT Centre in Partnership Pact

Press Release.

The Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, wishes to address the recent article published in BusinessDay, under the headline "NDDC bails out grounded Rivers ICT Centre." We feel compelled to set the narrative right and shed light on the commendable spirit of collaboration that marks our relationship with the Rivers State government.
The NDDC wishes to clarify its position and correct any misconceptions that may have arisen.

First and foremost, the NDDC categorically distances itself from the interpretations and insinuations embedded in the said report. Contrary to the portrayal in the aforementioned publication, it was the Rivers State government that, in an unparalleled gesture of benevolence and vision for the region, alleviated NDDC's challenges by generously offering the Rivers ICT Centre. This act of goodwill underlines the state's profound commitment to the Niger Delta's prosperity, empowering our youths with needed skills in the rapidly advancing technological era.

This shared venture between NDDC and Rivers State government exemplifies what is truly possible when entities unite with a common vision. The Rivers State government's unwavering faith in the future of the Niger Delta region and its indefatigable support for the empowerment of its youths touches us deeply. Our hearts are filled with profound gratitude; our indebtedness to the state government goes beyond mere words. Their noble gesture is a beacon, showcasing the path of partnership and progress.

To augment this collaboration and uphold our end of the partnership, NDDC is embarking on a mission to revamp and upgrade the ICT Centre. This is wholly in line with our joint commitment to ensuring the facility is not just available but in top shape, ready to accommodate the anticipated vast number of participants in the Commission's ICT hub and job creation initiative, Project HOPE.

Project HOPE is not just an initiative; it's a promise – a promise of a brighter, more technologically advanced, and economically empowered Niger Delta. This collaboration is a testament to the fact that when we work hand in hand with mutual respect and shared purpose, the horizon of possibilities expands exponentially.

Finally, while we understand the media's role in informing the public, we strongly dissociate the NDDC from the embarrassing impression created by the interpretation in the above-mentioned report. It is important to separate personal interpretations, innuendoes and insinuations from news reports, more so when the writer's position and views are poles apart from our Press Release on the partnership. 
The NDDC remains dedicated to our mission, supported by invaluable partners like the Rivers State government. Together, we believe in and work towards a vibrant and flourishing Niger Delta. 

Pius Ughakpoteni
Director, Corporate Affairs
September 21, 2023.

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