NSCDC Arrests Four Suspects Mixing Adulterated Diesel in Akwa

By Mohammed Bello Doka

In a significant breakthrough, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has apprehended four suspects involved in the adulteration of Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) in Akwa Ibom. The NSCDC Commandant in Akwa Ibom, Mr Eluyemi Eluwade, revealed this during a press briefing held at the command's exhibits yard in Uyo on Tuesday.

According to Mr Eluwade, the four suspects were apprehended on Monday at a filling station located along Abak Road in Uyo Metropolis. Their nefarious activities involved blending two different products to create an Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) mixture. The NSCDC, acting on a tip-off, swiftly moved in and successfully foiled their plans.

The NSCDC commandant further disclosed that the two trucks used by the suspects were seized, with a total of75,000 litres of adulterated AGO found onboard. The first truck was discovered to be carrying45,000 litres of Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), while the second truck contained30,000 litres of Marine Diesel Oil (MDO).

Mr Eluwade emphasized the detrimental impact of such criminal activities on the Nigerian economy. He stressed that the actions of these vandals and criminals could potentially lead to severe financial losses for the nation. The adulteration of AGO not only compromises the quality of the fuel but also poses significant risks to vehicles and machinery that rely on it.

The NSCDC commandant commended the efforts of his officers and urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities promptly. He assured the public that the NSCDC is committed to safeguarding the integrity of the nation's fuel supply chain and will continue to work tirelessly to apprehend those involved in illegal activities.

The four suspects are currently in custody and will face prosecution for their crimes. The NSCDC's swift action in this case serves as a reminder that the security agencies are actively working to combat economic sabotage and protect the interests of the Nigerian people.

As investigations continue, the NSCDC remains resolute in its mission to maintain law and order, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all citizens.

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