NLC Accused of Receiving $5 Million to Destabilize Tinubu's Government

By Mohammed Bello Doka

In a shocking revelation, The Civil Society Situation Room on Good Governance in Nigeria (CSSR-GGN) has alleged that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) received a hefty sum of $5 million to undermine the government led by Bola Tinubu.

The CSSR-GGN expressed deep concern over the NLC's actions, particularly in leading and coordinating other groups to sabotage the federal government. They emphasized the dangers of reinstating subsidies, which they believe would lead to the collapse of the economy and create intractable distortions.

Despite the government's efforts to engage with the NLC leadership and explore alternative solutions to address their demands, the union has remained steadfast in its insistence on a strike. This has raised suspicions among the CSSR-GGN that the NLC may not be transparent about the true intent of their industrial action.

In response to these allegations, the CSSR-GGN has issued a stern warning to the NLC, daring them to proceed with an indefinite strike. They have vowed to take all necessary and legitimate measures to protect Nigerians from the potential hardships that may arise from such a strike.

As the situation unfolds, Nigerians anxiously await further developments, hoping for a resolution that prioritizes the welfare and stability of the nation.

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