Nigeria On The Path To Greatness: Yakasai Optimistic About Tinubu's Leadership

By Mohammed Bello Doka

In a recent interview w ith Abuja Network News, Hon. Abdullahi Yakasai, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Community Engagement Northwest, expressed his confidence in President Tinubu's ability to lead Nigeria towards greatness. During his official visit to the APC National Secretariat in Abuja, Yakasai highlighted the president's unwavering dedication, visionary policies, and the competent team he has assembled.

Yakasai firmly believes that President Tinubu will deliver on his campaign promises and change the trajectory of the nation. "The name Tinubu will forever remain in the golden pages of our history," he declared. The senior special assistant emphasized that while the president's policies may require initial sacrifices, the end result will justify the means, and Nigeria will reap the benefits of a brighter future.

Identifying corruption as a major obstacle to progress, Yakasai assured that President Tinubu is determined to tackle this issue head-on. Utilizing technology, the government intends to address and block leakages in the system. Additionally, the recent removal of petroleum subsidies has shed light on critical areas that require attention. Yakasai affirmed that the president is diligently studying reports to ensure justice prevails and Nigerians can take pride in the outcome.

Addressing concerns about the current hardships resulting from the fuel subsidy removal, Yakasai assured the public that President Tinubu is taking decisive action. He revealed that the president is actively engaging with labor unions to review the minimum wage, a step towards mitigating the impact on citizens. Furthermore, the government is committed to diversifying Nigeria's energy sources, exploring alternative options such as compressed natural gas (CNG), solar power, and even nuclear energy. Yakasai highlighted former President Buhari's efforts to provide equipment for steady power supply, citing the Siemens contract as an example. President Tinubu aims to build upon these foundations while rectifying any mistakes and assuring Nigerians of a brighter future.

Yakasai's optimism and unwavering support for President Tinubu's leadership reflect a shared vision for a prosperous Nigeria. With a clear focus on combating corruption, leveraging technology, and prioritizing the welfare of the people, President Tinubu's administration aims to propel the nation towards greatness. As the country braces itself for the journey ahead, Nigerians can look forward to a new dawn where their sacrifices will be rewarded, and their smiles restored.

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