Magaji The Newly Elected Chairman of AASG Aims for Reconciliation

By Mohammed Bello Doka. 

Engr. Salisu Magaji, the recently elected chairman of the Amalgamated APC Support Groups (AASG), has begun his tenure on a positive note, raising hopes among spectators that his leadership will bring much-needed stability to the administration of the registered support groups under the governing APC.

The creation of the amalgamated APC support groups was initiated by the former National chairman of the APC, H.E Abdullahi Adamu, the former governor of Nasarawa state. This move aimed to unite over 2,000 support groups under one umbrella and streamline the governing process of these bodies.

However, as is typical with any new institution, the administration of the support groups faced significant challenges under the leadership of the former DG of the National Directorate of Employment, Mr. Nasir Ladan Argungu. Argungu found himself caught up in a power struggle with his then-deputy, Hajiya Maryam Danjaki. This conflict severely hampered and divided the activities of the AASG, leading to confrontations and internal disputes within the group.

The recently concluded election, which received acclaim for its fairness from contestants and observers alike, is expected to bring a sense of order and unity to the leadership of Africa's largest political support network. In his acceptance speech, the newly elected DG, Mr. Magaji, made a commitment to genuine reconciliation and a willingness to champion the interests of the support groups, whom he described as the backbone of the APC.

Remaining true to his campaign promises, Magaji has announced that his initial priority will be establishing a reconciliation committee tasked with uniting all disaffected members. This committee will be responsible for fostering dialogue and resolving conflicts within the AASG, paving the way for a united front going forward.

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