Lawyers Clash as Atiku Seeks Assistance From US Court To Obtain Evidence

By Mohammed Bello Doka

Chicago, USA - In a recent turn of events, the legal battle between former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and President Bola Tinubu took an unexpected twist as Atiku's lawyers sought assistance from a US court to obtain evidence regarding Tinubu's academic records. The case, which has been circulating with misleading reports, has now become a subject of intense scrutiny.

To shed light on the matter, we reached out to prominent lawyer Oluwole Afolabi, who provided us with a concise and non-legalese summary of the events.

According to Afolabi, the saga began when Atiku's legal team filed an application under U.S.C.1782, seeking the court's assistance in obtaining evidence from Chicago State University (CSU) via a subpoena. The evidence in question pertained to President Tinubu's academic records.

However, Tinubu's lawyers swiftly responded by filing an application on his behalf, requesting to intervene in the matter. Surprisingly, their application was granted, setting the stage for a heated legal confrontation.

Tinubu's legal team vehemently opposed the issuance of a subpoena to obtain their client's academic records, citing three primary grounds. Firstly, they argued that the documents were protected by the Federal Educational Rights Protection Act (FERPA), which safeguards the privacy of educational records.

Secondly, Tinubu's lawyers pointed out that Atiku had failed to include any factual information regarding Tinubu's attendance or graduation from CSU in his petition at the Election Tribunal. As a result, they contended that any information obtained through the subpoena would be irrelevant to the case.

Lastly, Tinubu's legal team raised concerns about the potential misuse of the academic records for political purposes, suggesting that Atiku's motives were driven by ulterior motives rather than a genuine pursuit of justice.

As the legal battle unfolds, both sides are preparing to present their arguments before the court. The outcome of this case could have far-reaching implications for the political landscape, as it has the potential to impact the credibility and reputation of two prominent figures in Nigerian politics.

While the controversy surrounding Atiku's Chicago fishing expedition continues to captivate public attention, legal experts and observers eagerly await the court's decision on the matter. As the proceedings progress, it remains to be seen how this high-stakes legal battle will unfold and what implications it will have for the future of Nigerian politics.

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