Summary Of Top Declarations By The Presidential Election Petition Tribunal

By Mohammed Bello Doka.

In a stunning turn of events, the Presidential Tribunal has declared Senator Kashim Shettima eligible to contest for the highest office in the land. This decision comes as a relief to supporters of the senator, who have been anxiously awaiting the tribunal's ruling.

President Tinubu Academically Qualified to Contest for President

In another significant announcement, the tribunal has declared President Tinubu academically qualified to contest for the presidency. This declaration puts an end to the controversy surrounding the president's educational background and reaffirms his eligibility to run for re-election.

Fraud Case Against President Tinubu Not Proven
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Adding to President Tinubu's favorable outcome, the tribunal also ruled that the fraud case against him has not been proven. This ruling is a significant victory for the president, who has vehemently denied any involvement in fraudulent activities.

President Tinubu Cleared of Drug-Related Crimes in the US

In a major revelation, the tribunal disclosed that President Tinubu has been cleared of any drug-related crimes in the United States. This revelation comes as a shock to many who have speculated about the president's alleged ties to illegal activities. With this clearance, it is clear that the president's record remains untarnished.

Residents in Abuja No Special, 25% in FCT Not Necessary to Become President
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Contrary to popular belief, the tribunal has announced that residents in Abuja hold no special status when it comes to eligibility for the presidency. Furthermore, the tribunal has ruled that the requirement of having 25% of the Federal Capital Territory's support is not necessary to qualify for the presidency. This decision opens up the possibility for candidates outside of Abuja to contend for the highest office.

INEC Independent in Choosing Method of Transmission of Results

Emphasizing the independence of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the tribunal has declared that it is within its purview to choose the method of result transmission. This ruling ensures that INEC has the freedom to determine how election results should be transmitted, ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process.

Evidences by Peter Obi Didn't Prove He Won the Presidential Election
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Bringing an end to any doubts, the tribunal has deemed that the evidence provided by Peter Obi did not prove his claim of winning the presidential election. With this ruling, it is clear that President Tinubu's victory in the election remains unchallenged.

Double Nomination Case Against Shettima Deemed Incompetent

In a setback for those questioning Senator Kashim Shettima's eligibility, the tribunal has dismissed the double nomination case against him as incompetent. This ruling affirms the senator's position as a legitimate candidate and strengthens his chances in the upcoming election.

Double Nationality Case Against President Tinubu Dismissed

Finally, the tribunal has unanimously dismissed the double nationality case against President Tinubu. This decision puts to rest any doubts surrounding the president's citizenship and confirms his eligibility to serve as the nation's leader.
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The Presidential Tribunal's recent rulings have undoubtedly had a significant impact on the upcoming election. With the eligibility of both Senator Kashim Shettima and President Tinubu confirmed, the political landscape has shifted dramatically. As the nation eagerly awaits the final outcome, one thing is certain – there is no shortage of surprises in this high-stakes race for the presidency.

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