Bongo's VP and PM Attend Gabon's Coup Leader's Swearing-In Ceremony.

By Mohammed Bello Doka. 

NAN reported In a historic ceremony broadcasted on national television, Brice Nguema, the leader of the coup that overthrew President Ali Bongo, was officially sworn in as interim president of Gabon. The event was met with tremendous support and cheers from jubilant supporters who viewed the military as liberators of an oppressed society.

This marks the eighth coup in West and Central Africa within the past three years. On August 30th, army officers, led by Nguema, seized power just minutes after an announcement was made that Bongo had won the election. The coup plotters declared the election null and void, citing its lack of credibility.
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Nguema, in his speech repeatedly interrupted by enthusiastic cheers, expressed that the defense and security forces took action without resorting to violence or bloodshed. The Committee for the Transition and Restoration of Institutions (CTRI) successfully changed the regime, which had been clouding the power of the Republic's institutions for several years.

The newly appointed interim president also outlined proposed reforms during his address. Among them were plans for a new constitution to be adopted through a referendum, the establishment of new electoral and penal codes, and measures to prioritize local banks and companies for economic development. Nguema also emphasized the need to welcome back political exiles and release political prisoners.
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Notably, several high-ranking officials from Bongo's government, including the vice president and prime minister, attended the ceremony. However, Bongo himself remains under house arrest.

While the coup received enthusiastic support from large crowds in the capital city of Libreville, it has drawn condemnation from the international community. The Central African regional bloc (ECCAS) called on partners such as the United Nations and the African Union to facilitate a swift return to constitutional order.

During his inauguration, Nguema reiterated his commitment to organizing free and fair elections, although he did not provide a specific timeline. He emphasized the importance of proceeding rapidly yet cautiously, ensuring that the upcoming elections maintain their credibility.

As Gabon enters a new chapter in its history, all eyes are on the interim president and his administration to deliver on their promises of reform and ensure a smooth transition to a democratically elected government.

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