63rd Independence Anniversary: Amb. Rabi Dangizo Congratulates Nigerians and Calls on Citizens to Support Government Efforts in Rebuilding Nigeria


Abuja – As Nigeria celebrates its 63rd Independence Anniversary, Ambassador Rabi Dangizo extends her heartfelt congratulations to all Nigerians, both at home and abroad. She commends the resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit of the Nigerian people in the face of various challenges.

Ambassador Rabi Dangizo recognizes the significance of this milestone in Nigeria's history and emphasizes the need for unity and collective effort in rebuilding the nation. She acknowledges the efforts made by the government thus far and calls on all citizens to actively support and contribute to the ongoing efforts in nation-building.

In her statement, Amb. Dangizo highlights the importance of collaboration between the government and its citizens to address the pressing issues facing Nigeria. She emphasizes the need for inclusive governance, transparency, and accountability in order to achieve sustainable development and progress.

Amb. Dangizo further emphasizes the role of every Nigerian in fostering peace, harmony, and national cohesion. She urges citizens to embrace dialogue, respect diversity, and work towards a common goal of building a prosperous and united Nigeria.

Recognizing the challenges faced by the nation, Amb. Dangizo calls on Nigerians to remain steadfast and resilient. She encourages citizens to actively participate in community development initiatives, support local businesses, and engage in civic activities that promote positive change.

Ambassador Rabi Dangizo concludes her message by expressing her optimism for a brighter future for Nigeria. She believes that through collective efforts, Nigeria will overcome its challenges and emerge as a stronger and more prosperous nation.

About Ambassador Rabi Dangizo:
Ambassador Rabi Dangizo is a renowned politician,  diplomat and advocate for sustainable development. With a wealth of experience in international relations, she has dedicated her career to promoting peace, unity, and progress in Nigeria and beyond. Amb. Dangizo is committed to working with various stakeholders to bring about positive change and contribute to the rebuilding of Nigeria.

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