FCT Minister Relieves Heads of Parastatals and Agencies of Appointments

By Mohammed Bello Doka 

Abuja, Nigeria - In a surprising move, the Honourable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Barrister Ezenwo Nyesom Wike CON, has announced the immediate removal of the heads of several key parastatals, agencies, and government companies under the FCT Administration.

The decision, which came as a shock to many, was made known through a press statement released by the FCTA. The statement listed the names of the affected individuals and their respective positions:

1. Group MD/CEO, Abuja Investment Company Ltd
2. CEO/MD, Abuja Markets Management Ltd
3. MD/CEO, Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company
4. CEO/MD, Abuja Property Development Company
5. CEO/MD, Abuja Technology Village Free Trade Zone Company
6. CEO/MD, Abuja Film Village International
7. CEO/MD, Powernoth AICL Equipment Leasing Company Ltd
8. MD, Abuja Broadcasting Corporation
9. MD, Abuja Enterprise Agency
10. GM, FCT Water Board
11. DG, FCT Emergency Management Agency
12. Executive Secretary, FCT Primary Healthcare Board
13. Director General, Hospital Management Board
14. Director, Abuja Environmental Protection Board
15. Director, FCT Sports Council

The reasons behind these sudden terminations were not explicitly stated in the press statement. However, speculations have arisen regarding possible underperformance, mismanagement, or the need for a fresh approach in these organizations.

The affected heads of parastatals and agencies have been instructed to hand over all official responsibilities and assets to the most senior officials within their respective organizations. The FCTA assured the public that the necessary measures would be taken to ensure a smooth transition and uninterrupted service delivery.

This unexpected development has sparked discussions among stakeholders and residents of the FCT. Many are curious about the next steps the FCTA will take to fill these vacant positions and how it will impact the affected organizations.

As the news spreads, the public eagerly awaits further updates from the FCTA regarding the future plans for these parastatals, agencies, and government companies.

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