Desperate Plot To Undermine Democracy

By Femi Fani Kayode. 

The allegation that the judgement of the Presidential Election Petition Court was written and drafted by the President's lawyers or that they were given a copy before the judgement was formally delivered by the judges is simply absurd.

This is surely the most insidious, savage, blatant and vicious attack on the integrity of the Judiciary in the history of our country.

The inscription and wording that made reference to the President's lawyers at the top of a copy of the judgement has, in my view, been eloquently and adequately explained away by Babatunde Ogala SAN who is the coordinator of President Bola Tinubu's legal team.

Any suggestion that there is more to it than that and that there is something fishy and sinister going on is rooted in mischief and deceit and is little better than an ill-conceived, ill-contrived, far-fetched and hullucinatory conspiracy theory cooked up by deluded and depraved minds and lost souls.

Those that are spreading this potpourri of falsehood and filth and that are making these dangerous and grave allegations are working towards an answer and looking for some non-existent evidence to discredit the judgement, bring into question the entire judicial process, delegitimise the President's mandate and stigmatise and pour scorn, contempt and opprobrium on the election itself.

They are doing this in an attempt to provoke anger, disorder, violent protests, anarchy and chaos in the land and in an attempt to engender an Arab spring/End SARS type of operation in our country, annul the election and justify a military take over and the formation of an Interim National Government.

Simply put they want to pull the whole house down and throw the baby out with the bath water simply because they know that they lost the election and that they have no case and no hope in hell of winning at the Supreme Court.

They seek to destabilise our nation with classic Goebellian propaganda, misinformation and disinfirnation mainly through the auspices of the social media and they are fully committed to the cause of inspiring and provoking violence, treason, rebellion, revolution and insurrection for no just cause and truncating democracy. 

Simply put that is their plan and agenda but they will surely fail.


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