Date Set for Election of Amalgamated APC Support Group National Executive Members

Official Announcement of the Date for the Election of National Working Committee Members of the Amalgamated APC Support Groups AASG.

The Restructuring Committee of the Amalgamated APC Support Groups AASG has announced the date and procedure for the election of National Executive members of the Organisation.

After the Committee meeting held in Abuja on Friday, the 8th day of September, 2023, the committee laid out the procedure for the election as follows:

*Date of election:* Saturday 16th September, 2023

*Venue:* The Velodrome,  Central Business District Abuja.

*Time:* 10am

Accreditation starts at 10am.

*Requirements for eligibility to vote:*

The following people will be eligible to vote on the election day:

All leaders of various Support Groups registered with our great party the All Progressives Congress APC.

2. All Nominees for various positions as already published on the various AASG platforms

*Accreditation materials:*

All voters must arrive the accreditation point with the following items:

1. APC membership registration slip

2. Copy of registration letter from the party headquarters issued to the Support Group.

3. Official  Identification viz: Drivers Licence, International Passport, NIN slip or any other means of identification.

After accreditation, each intending voter will be issued an admission Card into the venue of the election.

*Accreditation of Nominees for the election.*

All Nominees for the various positions are required to be present on the day of the election.

*The following items must be presented by each nominee before being cleared to participate in the election:*

1. APC membership registration slip

2. Letter of registration of his or her Support Group from the Party headquarters

3. Official Identification viz: Drivers Licence, International Passport or NIN slip/card

*In any unlikely event that a Nominee; for very serious reason may not be physically present at the election venue,* such a Nominee shall send one person to stand in for him or her during voting.

The person must come with the following items before he or she will be allowed to stand in for a Nominee:

1. A letter from the Nominee stating the reason for his or her absence and indicating the name of his or her representative who will stand in for him or her and the means by which the representative will identify himself or herself before the accreditation team.*The letter must be duly signed and addressed to:* 

The Secretary,
Restructuring Committee,
Amalgamated APC Support Groups AASG

2. The registration letter of the Support Group of the Nominee issued by the party.

3. The identification document of the representative as already indicated by the Nominee in the aforementioned letter to the Committee Secretary, *(please note that the means of identification of any representative of a Nominee must be clearly stated in the letter given to him or her by the concerned Nominee).*

Adequate security arrangements have been put in place by the restructuring Committee to ensure a free and fair exercise devoid of any rancour.

We urge all our Support Group leaders to ensure strict compliance with the stated regulations please.

Nigerians will be watching all of us and so we should endeavour to conduct ourselves most creditably so as to show that APC is a great party indeed.

*It is our sincere belief that our dear President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the National Chairman of our great party and all our wonderful party leaders* will indeed be very proud to be associated with the outcome of this unprecedented process which will place the Amalgamated APC Support Groups AASG on a very strong legal standi to act as a true umbrella body of all Support Groups in our great party the All Progressives Congress APC.

Thank you all.

Alhaji Abbas Yakasai
For the Restructuring Committee, AASG

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