Why The Amalgamated Is Not the True Representatives of APC Support Groups

By Mohammed Bello Doka

In a shocking revelation, the true representatives of the genuine All Progressives Congress (APC) support groups have come forward to express their dissatisfaction with the so-called Amalgamated APC Support Group's imposed leadership. This alleged imposition by higher powers has led to a concerning situation for the grassroots support groups during the 2023 general elections.

The authentic and influential APC support groups, including the Tinubu Support Group (TSG), Tinubu Support Organization (TSO), Arewa Organization Movement For Asiwaju (AROMA), and The South West Agenda (SWAGA), were the engine rooms and the true representatives of the genuine APC support groups. 

It is no surprise, then, that this self-proclaimed leadership has become embroiled in various scandals, crises, and allegations of corruption. Instead of supporting the genuine support groups who worked tirelessly to secure victory for the party, they have been more focused on their own power struggles and individual gains.

As the saying goes, "You cannot sow corn and reap rice." Even if the Amalgamated APC Support Group had the intention to assist the genuine support groups, they were ill-equipped to do so, lacking the necessary data and evidence. They only possessed a list of support groups nominated by influential politicians based in Abuja, who were able to secure these nominations from the top.

This explains why the Amalgamated APC Support Group was absent when grassroots support groups cried out for help, feeling used and discarded. While the genuine support groups faced hardships, the so-called leaders were preoccupied with internal conflicts. It is evident that they do not truly represent the interests of the support groups but rather their own personal ambitions and those of their backers.

This unfortunate culture of poor reward systems has become a norm and tradition within the APC, and their future now largely rests in the hands of President Tinubu. Without an appropriate reward system in place, the party risks losing its vital support base at the grassroots level. These individuals represent the core voters who have backed the party from the beginning, contrasting with the high-ranking individuals in Abuja who seem to be benefiting at their expense.

As the 2024 bye elections draw nearer in the 3 states of Edo, Kogi and Imo, it is crucial for the APC leadership to address these concerns promptly. The genuine support groups are hopeful that President Tinubu will intervene to rectify this situation and ensure that their hard work and dedication are recognized and rewarded accordingly. 

Failure to do so could have dire consequences for the party's popularity and success at the grassroots level, as genuine party members feel neglected and taken advantage of.

The time for action is now, as the APC must prove that it respects and values its support base at all levels. Only by embracing transparency, fairness, and inclusivity can the party hope to regain the trust of its dedicated supporters and secure victory in the upcoming elections.

Mohammed Bello Doka is the founder and the National Coordinator Tinubu Media Team. 

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