Zamfara State APC Chair Congratulates Dr. Bello Matawalle on Ministerial Appointment

In a heartfelt message, Honorable Tukur Danfulani, Chairman of Zamfara State's All Progressives Congress (APC), extends warm congratulations to the esteemed former Governor, Dr. Bello Matawalle, on his recent appointment as the State Minister of Defense.

On behalf of the Zamfara State APC and the wonderful people of Zamfara State, Hon. Tukur Danfulani expresses immense joy and pride at Dr. Matawalle's well-deserved recognition and elevation to such a vital government role. This appointment is a testament to Dr. Matawalle's exceptional leadership qualities and unwavering dedication to public service.

The Zamfara State APC Chairman highlights Dr. Matawalle's impressive track record as the former Governor, showcasing his commitment to the development, security, and overall progress of the state. With his vast experience and deep understanding of the challenges faced in Zamfara State, Hon. Danfulani firmly believes that Dr. Matawalle will excel in his new position as Minister of Defense.

Furthermore, the Chairman emphasizes that this appointment reinforces the confidence and trust placed in Dr. Matawalle by the Federal Government. It serves as a recognition of his immense capabilities and the contributions he has made to Zamfara State during his tenure as Governor.

Honoring Dr. Matawalle's achievement, Hon. Tukur Danfulani urges all citizens of Zamfara State to rally behind our former Governor and support him in his new role as Minister of Defense. He calls upon the people to unite and work together towards the collective goal of peace, security, and prosperity for Zamfara State.

As the news of Dr. Matawalle's appointment spreads throughout the state, it brings hope and excitement for a brighter future under his leadership in the defense sector. The Zamfara State APC Chairman, along with countless others, eagerly awaits the positive impact Dr. Matawalle will undoubtedly make in ensuring the safety and well-being of our beloved state.

In conclusion, Honorable Tukur Danfulani extends his heartfelt congratulations once again to Dr. Bello Matawalle on his appointment as the State Minister of Defense. With the Zamfara State APC's full support, he expresses confidence in Dr. Matawalle's ability to excel in his new role and wishes him great success in all his future endeavors.

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