Tinubu Urged to Appoint Young, Energetic Tosin Adeyanju As Minister of Youth

By Mohammed Bello Doka.

The demand for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to appoint a dynamic and youthful individual Mr. Tosin Adeyanju to the vacant ministerial position in the Ministry of Youth has gained significant traction. 

Several support groups under the All Progressive Congress have called for this appointment, further amplifying the voices of the Arewa Youth Progressive Alliance (AYPA) and the Tinubu Media Team, who had previously made similar appeals just a few weeks ago.

The most recent addition to this growing chorus is the BatKsm Support Group, whose call for the President to appoint Mr. Adeyanju as the minister in charge of the Ministry of Youth has sparked an impressive surge in support. 

Numerous leaders from different support groups have eagerly joined the call, recognizing the expertise and capabilities that Mr. Tosin Adeyanju has consistently displayed when working with the youth.

Mr. Adeyanju has demonstrated his exceptional leadership abilities through his role in the prestigious Tinubu Support Group. Managing thousands of support groups, with a majority of them being composed of young people, Adeyanju played a pivotal role in leading Tinubu to victory in the 2023 general election. This achievement alone serves as a testament to his effectiveness in working with and mobilizing youth support.

Additionally, Mr. Adeyanju's Tinubu Hangout, which served as a post-election gathering, proved instrumental in protecting Nigeria's nascent democracy from unruly elements such as the "Obidients" and "Atikulates." His unwavering expertise and perseverance in dealing with the youth were evident during this crucial time.

These remarkable qualities, among many others, undoubtedly make Mr. Adeyanju the ideal candidate to assume the honorable position of Minister of Youth. As the country looks to shape its future, it is imperative that dedicated and experienced individuals like him are given the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of Nigerian youth.

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