Tinubu's Ministerial List Lame Without TSG, TMT, TSO, SWAGA, AROMA, Others

Abuja Network News,
By Mohammed Bello Doka

It is with deep concern that I write to highlight the glaring omission in President Tinubu's recently released ministerial nominee list. The exclusion of key support groups such as the Tinubu Support Group (TSG), Tinubu Media Team (TMT), Tinubu Solidarity Organization (TSO), Arewa Organization Movement for Asiwaju (AROMA), and South West Agenda for Tinubu (SWAGA), amongst others, undermines the very foundation on which the All Progressives Congress (APC) was built.

These support groups, comprising ordinary citizens from various regions of the country, played an instrumental role in propelling the APC to victory in the last general elections. They dedicated their time, resources, and energy to campaign vigorously for the party, ensuring its success at the polls. Their efforts were not in vain; they formed the backbone of the APC's grassroots support and deserve recognition and appreciation.

However, it is disheartening to see that these loyal groups have been overlooked in the distribution of ministerial appointments. Instead, individuals with questionable intentions, who contributed little to the party's success, have been favored. This highlights a fundamental flaw in the APC's reward system, one that disregards the sacrifices and contributions of those who stood firmly behind the party during challenging times.

The exclusion of these support groups sends a dangerous message - that loyalty and dedication are not valued within the party. It undermines the faith and commitment of those who worked tirelessly to ensure the APC's victory and raises doubts about the party's commitment to inclusive governance.

President Tinubu has the power to rectify this situation and restore confidence in the party. By acknowledging and including representatives from these support groups in his ministerial nominees, he would not only demonstrate gratitude but also reaffirm his commitment to building an all-inclusive government.

Furthermore, the inclusion of these support groups in positions of influence would strengthen the party's unity and cohesion. It would send a clear message that their contributions have not been forgotten or in vain.

As we strive for a stronger Nigeria, it is crucial that we recognize and appreciate those who have consistently supported the APC. In doing so, we can foster a more inclusive and responsive government that truly represents the aspirations of the people.

President Tinubu's decision will not only shape the future of his administration but also determine the perception of the party amongst its loyal supporters. It is my hope that he will prioritize the recognition and inclusion of these support groups, rectifying the shortcomings of the current ministerial nominee list.

In conclusion, let us remember that the strength of a political party lies in its loyal supporters. Neglecting them is a sign of weakness and undermines the very essence of democracy. I urge President Tinubu to seize this opportunity to demonstrate true leadership and ensure that the APC remains a party that values and rewards the dedication of its members.

Mohammed Bello Doka
Abuja Network News


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