Navy Day Celebrated with Grand Parade in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg - On Navy Day, the President of Russia and Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Vladimir Putin, received the Main Naval Parade, held in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt. This spectacular event showcased 45 ships, boats, and submarines, along with approximately 3,000 dedicated servicemen.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of leaders and heads of delegations from African countries who participated in the second Russia-Africa summit. President Putin warmly greeted the foreign guests and engaged in a brief conversation with President Denis Sassou Nguesso of the Republic of the Congo and President Ibrahim Traore of Burkina Faso.

President Putin also had a special interaction with the Gorelov family from Magadan, who were honored with the esteemed Order of Parental Glory. Just a day before, during a gathering of large families at the Kremlin, the President had promised to assist the Gorelovs in attending the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg.

Addressing the crowd, President Putin expressed his heartfelt congratulations on Navy Day. He emphasized the significant role the Navy has played throughout history as the unwavering protector of the Fatherland's borders and a source of immense pride and glory for Russia.

Today, the President extended his appreciation to the courageous crews of ships and submarines, the fearless pilots of naval aviation, the dedicated personnel of ground services, the brave soldiers of the coastal troops, and the daring marines.

President Putin took a moment to express gratitude to all generations of Russian shipbuilders, naval commanders, and sailors. Their exceptional training, unwavering loyalty to duty and the Motherland, professionalism, and talent have largely shaped the great destiny of Russia.

From the days of Peter the Great, the Russian Navy has consistently served its country with devotion and selflessness. Its chronicles are filled with triumphant naval victories, remarkable circumnavigations, significant geographical discoveries, and remarkable advancements in science and technology.

Time and again, the Russian fleet has stood as an impregnable fortress against its adversaries. The Navy continues to uphold the honor and security of the nation, defending the homeland with uncompromising strength and unwavering dedication.

As the Main Naval Parade came to a close, President Putin concluded his speech by expressing his profound gratitude to all those who contribute to the success and legacy of the Russian Navy. Their commitment, sacrifice, and unwavering spirit have truly made a lasting impact on the history and future of Russia.

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