Honorable Minister Bosun: Let's Not Get It Twisted

Dr Uche Diala 

Some folks (including some progressives folks) who don't understand think it's about one wanting to be appointed. 

Everyone can not get an appointment but those who get appointed or called up for national assignments should be people who can inspire confidence and respect, people who have the right level of maturity, emotional intelligence, patriotism and who share the progressive ideology. It's simple common sense. 

Otherwise, such persons would only be a cog in the wheel of progress and a source of demoralization to other citizens.

Very importantly, such developments send a wrong message to Nigerians, especially the younger and the patriotic ones.

Such actions inadvertently endorse the notion that the code is go caustic and irresponsibly insult and denigrate not just a party and our country's leaders but our very country Nigeria itself, just to be noticed and then get rewarded, whether financially, politically or otherwise.

Unfortunately, this Bosun's case is not the first and if he succeeds eventually, be assured that it won't be the last. Many others are on that same path presently and they are keenly watching. 

What would make them learn that that way is not the right way before God and man? Because it pays, obviously. When the most you will do is mouth an insincere apology and maybe shed some crocodile tears with it and a shallow thinking lot will say, 'forgive him, he has apologised,  let's move on'. Move on to where? 

Which reminds me of the case of Mmesoma, the JAMB result forger.

Forgiveness is a noble act, but forgiveness only comes after genuine realisation of wrongdoing, sincere remorse, repentance and restitution. It is not instant or automatic. It takes time and a process.

When did this Bosun guy realise his wrong? Has he even realised it? When did he repent, show remorse and do his penance or restitution? When and where did his Saul-Damascus encounter happen and who were the witnesses?

If he wasn't nominated for a Ministerial position, would he have issued any apology? Did he issue any explanation or apology on that same coven he created on Tweeter even after his name was announced? 

No. Instead, he was cowardly deliberately deleting his tweets, essentially destroying evidence, which is proof that he is not a sincere and honourable fellow.

Then he rehearsed his nollywood act and prepared for the Senate screening and the Senate gave such an unpatriotic hater of Nigeria the world stage of its hallowed chamber to further insult our collective sensibilities with a rehearsed performance. I bet the guy would be laughing his head off at all of us now, but do I blame him?

There's a lot we need to do if we truly want our society and nation to rise above the ordinary. 

I'm not really worried about the few like Bosun who have already chosen the dishonorable path of unpatriotism and hate of Nigeria rather for the many believing and fiercely patriotic Nigerians who stand a real chance of being discouraged by some of these insensitive and not well thought out actions.

There should be real consequences for actions and words, especially unpatriotic actions against the fatherland and the Republic. 

In the US or UK, for instance, such an individual whose words were hidden in plain sight can not even get his/her name mentioned for any national assignment, not to talk of showing up for a Senate screening. Not out of wickedness but to uphold sacred national values, ethics and principles and to send a clear message to other citizens.

If such a person claims to have repented, he/she would first be put through national civics and ethics re-orientation and then he would be observed for a reasonable length of time to see if his repentance is genuine before considering him/her for any consequential or important national assignment.

After forgiving Bosun, even for his own sake, what he requires is education, orientation and re-orientation and not a Ministerial appointment.

Unfortunately, in Nigeria, we take a lot of things for granted. We operate with unnecessary sentiments and emotions without considering the damage done to the nation and the psyche of other citizens who have consistently believed and worked for a better Nigeria even as they are faced with the same challenges and frustrations.

It's really unfortunate. I speak, though, not that it would change anything but just for the records.

God Bless Nigeria.

©️ Uche Diala

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