Hon. Dr. Dahiru Hammandikko: One of Our Finest

Amidst the lingering discussions about patronage compensations in the PBAT Administration, there are strong indications that Hon. Dr. Dahiru Hammandikko's bid to fill the next available vacancies of board chairmen, chief executives, heads of agencies, and so on, will have a promising outlook. With his recent nomination as a minister and his impressive track record as a former Lagos State Governor who assembled a star-studded team that transformed the state's economy, it is clear that Asiwaju has his eyes set on the very best.

One of the finest individuals among us is undoubtedly Hon. Dr. Dahiru Hammandikko. From his unwavering support for Asiwaju's presidential ambition to his dedication to the PBAT Renewed Hope Agenda, his commitment to a new Nigeria is unmatched. Rewarding loyalty, consistency, hard work, diligence, passion, devotion, dedication, patriotism, steadfastness, and nationalism is essential. President Tinubu needs administrators at all levels who share his beliefs and vision to revive Nigeria.

Hon. Dr. Dahiru Hammandikko possesses exceptional leadership qualities and an outstanding disposition that surpasses many others. With his extensive experience, he is capable of serving his fatherland in any capacity, given the opportunity. His long-standing passion for youth inclusivity in governance and development makes him a beacon of hope. It is worth mentioning that he was one of the top contenders in the recently released list of ministerial nominees. In a display of political sagacity and decorum, he graciously congratulated Prof. Tahir Mamman, the minister designate from our state, and pledged his support for the administration's success.

We cannot afford to overlook Hon. Dr. Dahiru Hammandikko's God-given leadership talents. We call on stakeholders across the state and the nation to ensure that he is duly considered for the aforementioned vacancies, as he will undoubtedly be an asset to many of our loyal party members.

In Hon. Dr. Dahiru Hammandikko's capacity, we have great hope and belief that he will make significant contributions to getting Nigeria working again.

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