Hon. Duro Meseko Assumes Official Duties as Deputy National Publicity Secretary of APC

By Mohammed Bello Doka. 

Abuja - In a momentous event that drew a crowd of enthusiastic supporters, Hon. Duro Meseko assumed his official duties as the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressive Congress (APC) at the party's National Secretariat yesterday.

Hon. Meseko, a former member of the federal House of Representatives from Kogi State, was greeted by a resounding cheer as he made his way into the prestigious building. The sheer number of supporters accompanying him underscored the wave of anticipation and excitement generated by his appointment.

Having spent considerable time representing the interests of his constituents in the House of Representatives, Hon. Meseko brings with him a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of national politics. His dedication and commitment to the APC's principles have been recognized by party leaders, and it is believed that he will play a crucial role in shaping the party's messaging and communication strategies in the coming years.

With his infectious energy and a reputation for being a dedicated public servant, Hon. Meseko is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the party's overall success. Known for his exceptional ability to connect with people from all walks of life, his appointment has been met with widespread approval from party members and political observers alike.

During his tenure as a member of the federal House of Representatives, Hon. Meseko championed various initiatives aimed at improving the lives of his constituents. His effective leadership and commitment to the development of Kogi State earned him a strong reputation both within and outside his constituency.

As the Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Hon. Meseko will be tasked with promoting the party's agenda, disseminating information to the public, and engaging with the media on behalf of the APC. His creative flair and keen understanding of effective communication strategies are expected to enhance the party's visibility and facilitate greater understanding of its policies and programs among the general public.

In his inaugural address, Hon. Meseko expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him by the party leadership and vowed to work diligently towards advancing the APC's goals. He emphasized the importance of unity within the party and called on all members to rally together to achieve common objectives. Hon. Meseko also encouraged constructive dialogue in resolving differences, highlighting the need for healthy debate to strengthen democracy and foster national development.

With Hon. Duro Meseko assuming his responsibilities as the Deputy National Publicity Secretary, the APC enters a new phase, infused with fresh ideas and renewed vigor. As he settles into his role, all eyes will be on him, eager to witness the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on the party's public image and success in the years to come.

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