France Army Attacks Nigerien Forces in Tillabery: Escalating Tensions Amidst Coup and Economic Crisis

By Mohammed Bello Doka
Abuja Network News

Tillabery, Niger - In a shocking turn of events, reports from two Nigerien online media outlets, "Damagaram Post" and "Nijar A Yau," have surfaced detailing an armed attack by French troops on Niger's uranium mining site in Tillabery. The French troops, stationed at a military base in Niger for decades with the aim of providing security to the Nigerien state, launched the assault, leaving an unconfirmed number of casualties in their wake.

The attack comes in the midst of political turmoil that has gripped the West African nation. Less than two weeks ago, the Presidential guards of the deposed Nigerien President Mohammad Bazoum orchestrated a successful military coup, toppling the democratically elected government and establishing a military dictatorship. The coup received widespread support from the Nigérien people, who viewed the coup leaders as heroes liberating them from what they perceive as France's economic exploitation.

However, world leaders have unequivocally condemned the coup and called for the restoration of democratic governance under President Bazoum. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) even threatened military action if the coupists refused to relinquish power and reinstate President Bazoum. Though the given ultimatum set by the ECOWAS expired last Sunday, a presidential spokesman in Abuja confirmed yesterday that President Tinubu, as the chairperson of ECOWAS, is not ruling out military intervention in Niger.

Adding to the already tense situation, the military junta ruling Niger has refused to meet with diplomats from Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries. In a further blow to France, the junta recently suspended uranium exports to the country, exacerbating the ongoing energy crisis in France and Europe as a whole.

If these reports of the French troops attacking Nigerien forces are indeed accurate, it will only serve to further complicate an already volatile situation. The consequences of such an escalation between the French military and the Nigerien junta could have far-reaching implications for both nations and the region as a whole. The international community now closely watches how this unfolding crisis will be resolved, with hopes of restoring stability and democratic governance to Niger while averting a potentially catastrophic conflict.

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