Governor Ganduje: The Expert Physician Fixing the Party for Greatness

It cannot be gainsaid the Hon. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, the current National Chairman of Africa's largest political party, the APC, has been tasked with a very important yet difficult task of not only uniting the party but also shaping and ensuring its success in future elections.

Neither would it be gainsaid that the party is in serious need of reshuffling, rejigging, and revamping to confront future challenges and emerge victorious. 

But the man at the helm of affairs, former Kano helmsman, is by no means unable and incapable, yet loyal and well-experienced. I do not intend to involve myself in the intense horse trading nor the banter of words that characterizes our political sphere; rather, I intend to portray a fine man, capable, able, and loyal to a fault.

The choice of Ganduje as the party leader is by no means a fluke nor left to chance, but a calculated attempt to fix an already staggering giant overshadowed by events and circumstances. Such a delicate operation can only be done by an expert physician attuned to the circumstances and the nature of the disease.

Let us call to mind that Ganduje, as Kano state Governor, has faced one of the most toxic, fierce, and challenging oppositions in Kano state politics – already known for its toxic and most challenging political space in the country.

In the history of Kano state, I am yet to know of anyone who successfully transitioned from a deputy governor to become the state Governor and still come out to win reelection.

Kano state politics, from the days of Mallam Aminu Kano, has been known and applauded for its tumultuous nature, where the incumbent is always placed on a hot seat. No one in the history of Kano ever won a governorship election three times straight, except Governor Ganduje.

Pundits and political analysts are still of the opinion that if not for Governor Ganduje's peace-loving nature, the results of the 2023 governorship election in Kano could have been a little different, tilting a little more to the progressive realm. Well, that's a topic for another day.

Coming back to National politics, loyalty to the Asiwaju cause and the party, Ganduje has time and again proven his mastery of the game. Let us recall that it was Dr. Ganduje who first voiced rejection of some of the then President Buhari's policies that were apparently hurting the party, despite being a member of the then President's kitchen cabinet.

It was the same Ganduje who came out openly to condemn the then President's move to contain and deny President Tinubu the ticket of the party in a famous audio clip that became viral in those days.

It was Ganduje who exposed the plots of the then Villa cabal to the nation before other actors could act and defeat them.

Having said all these, Governor Ganduje is undoubtedly the most performing Governor in the history of Nigerian politics. He has achieved more in his 8 years as Kano state Governor than what President Jonathan achieved in his entire 6 years as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This cannot be gainsaid.

One can go over and over again, and so Governor Ganduje is both able, capable, and has the capacity to pursue the delicate operation of fixing the party for greatness.

Mohammed Bello Doka is the publisher Abuja Network News, writes from Abuja Nigeria.

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