Fantastical Reggae Dancers: Wike's Response as FCT Minister

By Mohammed Bello Doka.

As the newly sworn-in FCT Minister, Nysome Wike, assumed office with a clear vision of transforming the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) into a world-class city, he wasted no time in expressing his determination to make significant improvements in infrastructure and security. In a meeting with his staff, Minister Wike laid out his plans and set the tone for his tenure.

With a charismatic and hands-on approach to governance, Minister Wike quickly made it clear that he would not be a desk-bound minister. "I'm not someone who sits down in the office to read reports and sign files," he declared. "I'll always be on the road inspecting projects." His commitment was further solidified by his vow that files would not linger on his desk for more than 24 hours; a statement that drew a chuckle from his staff, as they caught a glimpse of his disdain for paperwork.

However, beyond the surface-level administrative tasks, Minister Wike emphasized that his true motivation lies in serving Nigeria. "If it's about party, I won't be here," he stated firmly. His dedication to the greater cause of the nation was palpable, and he urged his colleagues to focus on the important matters at hand, irrespective of party affiliations. Dismissing critics within the PDP party who were discussing his suspension, Minister Wike referred to them as "fantastical reggae dancers," encouraging his team to disregard the distractions and concentrate on their responsibilities.

To further reinforce his legitimacy, Minister Wike revealed the extent of his correspondence with top party officials. He had written countless letters to the PDP National Chairman, Zonal Chairman, State Chairman, Governor, and Minority leaders in the National Assembly, seeking their approval and guidance. In response, all these individuals had encouraged him to accept the appointment, clearly acknowledging his worthiness for the position. These written affirmations dismissed any claims of misconduct or questionable intentions, further establishing Minister Wike's authority.

Addressing concerns about his approach to governance, Minister Wike assured his staff that he harbored no personal vendetta against anyone. He clarified that he would only take action with proper legal grounds and within the confines of the law. "I'm not here to bring down anybody's building," he emphasized. However, he did reveal a somewhat unconventional strategy for settling scores - the use of polling units, a tactic well-known among political circles. This subtly hinted at his ability to navigate the intricacies of political dynamics without compromising on integrity.

As FCT Minister Nysome Wike assumes his role, it is evident that the Federal Capital Territory is set to undergo a significant transformation. With his unwavering commitment to progress, infrastructure development, and improved security, Minister Wike aims to position the FCT on par with major world capitals. His hands-on approach, dedication to Nigeria as a whole, and strategic mindset promise to pave the way for a future where the FCT becomes a shining example of urban excellence.

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