Edo State Deputy Governor Set to Join APC, Welcomed by Party's National Working Committee

In a surprising turn of events, the Deputy Governor of Edo State, Rt. Hon. Comr. Philip Shaibu, has made the decision to join the All Progressives Congress (APC). This move comes amidst the ongoing political turmoil between Shaibu and the State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki.

A reliable source within the APC revealed that Shaibu will officially join the party next week and will be received by the APC National Working Committee (NWC). This decision by Shaibu, while expected by political analysts, follows his recent action of seeking an injunction against an alleged impeachment plot against him.

Governor Obaseki, however, has dismissed Shaibu's attempts to secure a court order, stating that it is merely a preemptive measure ahead of his defection to the APC. According to Obaseki, "I am not aware of any plot or scheme to impeach the Deputy Governor... this action by him is a preemptive move to get a court order, keep his ticket, and move to another party. I think it's unfair for our party. We don't need this sort of crisis."

The source from within the APC confirmed Shaibu's plan to defect, stating, "We have on good authority that the Edo State Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon Philip Shaibu has concluded plans to join the All Progressives Congress (APC). He is to be received along with a few of his supporters into the party early next week by the National Working Committee."

It is believed that Shaibu has been in talks with both the state and national leadership of the party even before the public fallout between him and the governor. The Deputy Governor has reportedly been negotiating his return to the APC and has now finalized his defection.

With this impending move, the APC eagerly awaits Shaibu's arrival, ready to welcome him back into their ranks. The party is hopeful that this decision will help alleviate the existing tensions and bring about stability within the political landscape of Edo State.

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