Arewa Youths Progressive Alliance Endorses Tosin Adeyanju for Minister of Youth

By Mohammed Hanif.

In a recent press release, the National President of the Arewa Youths Progressive Alliance (AYPA), Mohammed Bello Doka, has appealed to President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to appoint Mr. Tosin Adeyanju to the vacant position of Minister of Youth in his cabinet. The press release, signed by Mr. Bello Doka and made available to Abuja Network News, highlights Mr. Adeyanju's exceptional leadership qualities and his track record in managing and engaging with the youth.

Mr. Bello Doka praised Mr. Adeyanju for his remarkable capacity in handling and managing the youth, citing his role as the leader of a prominent Nigerian group that effectively curtailed the threat of the "Atikulates" and "Obidient" sore losers. These groups sought to turn the country into a war zone following their loss in the 2023 general elections. Mr. Adeyanju's leadership during this period showcased his acumen and control over the youth, enabling him to maintain peace and stability.

One notable event that demonstrated Mr. Adeyanju's leadership abilities was the Tinubu's Hangout, a gathering that occupied the Unity Fountain in Abuja for an impressive period of 65 days post-elections. This unprecedented hangout, a first in Nigeria's political landscape, highlighted Mr. Adeyanju's success in mobilizing and leading the youth.

With his vast experience in engaging with young people and his exemplary leadership skills, Mr. Adeyanju emerges as a strong candidate for the position of Minister of Youth. The AYPA firmly believes that his appointment would greatly benefit the youth of Nigeria, offering them a voice in the government and fostering positive change.

The Arewa Youths Progressive Alliance's endorsement of Mr. Adeyanju underscores his reputation as a capable and effective leader. As the nation eagerly awaits President Tinubu's decision, it is clear that Mr. Adeyanju's appointment would be a significant step in addressing the needs and aspirations of Nigerian youth.

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