APC Government's Poor Reward System Raises Concerns

By Mohammed Hanif

In the realm of Nigerian politics, no party has garnered as much support and loyalty from ordinary citizens since the country's return to democratic rule in 1999 as the APC. Despite facing countless challenges and opposition from the political elite, the party has managed to survive and even thrive, thanks to the unwavering support of the masses, particularly from the northern and southwestern regions.

When the APC was founded in 2014, it faced immense pressure from the political establishment. Many powerful figures, determined to ensure the party's demise, employed a range of tactics to undermine its progress. 

However, the widespread support enjoyed by then-presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari, along with influential figures like Tinubu, signaled the potential for victory. Recognizing this, a significant number of these same elites promptly switched alliances and joined the APC.

The first major influx of support came from the new PDP, followed by individuals from various other parties, all recognizing that the APC was on track to form the next government. In 2015, Muhammadu Buhari won the presidential election, solidifying the APC's hold on power. 

Sadly, the victorious President was soon surrounded by a powerful team of political opportunists, who effectively clouded his judgment and convinced him to abandon many loyal associates, further alienating those who had stood by him since his entry into politics in 2011.

Over time, First Lady Aisha Buhari would voice her concerns about the President's shift in allegiances, expressing dissatisfaction with the abandonment of long-standing allies in favor of newfound friends with dubious intentions. 

Optimistic Nigerians hoped for positive change, but instead witnessed worsening conditions. Self-serving opportunists, who had contributed little to the party's success, nearly succeeded in dismantling the APC from within in 2022-23, driven solely by their own personal gain.

Once again, in 2022-23, it was the masses who rallied behind the party, along with a select few elites who had played crucial roles in its formation. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, the party managed to secure victory by the slimmest of margins, offering a glimmer of hope.

However, to the utter surprise and shock of many, history appears to be repeating itself, albeit with different players this time. The same patterns are emerging, as those who contributed little to the party's success seek to sideline those who worked tirelessly for its progress. 

These opportunists are intent on tarnishing the reputation of anyone seen as a threat to their own interests, regardless of their political worth or experience.

A new cabal, reminiscent of the previous circle of political manipulators that harmed former President Goodluck Jonathan's government and nearly did the same to President Buhari, is now forming.

As President Tinubu assumes office, he must exercise caution and take decisive action to dismantle this potentially destructive group. 

The future of the APC and the success of its government depend on it. May God preserve the APC from the greed of a select few.

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