PDP's Case at Ogun State Election Tribunal Built on Lies and Distortions, Says APC

By Mohammed Bello Doka

APC and Governor Dapo Abiodun state that PDP and Hon. Ladi Adebutu's case against them at the Ogun State Election Petitions Tribunal is built on lies and distortions. In their final written addresses as respondents, they argue that the petitioners failed to prove their case due to inconsistencies and unreliable witnesses.

According to Abiodun and the Ogun State Chapter of the APC, Adebutu and PDP presented witnesses who were coached and unreliable. They also relied on documents that contradicted their witnesses' claims and presented experts whose testimonies lacked credibility. They further argue that Adebutu and PDP, accused of vote buying with evidence, cannot seek justice with "unclean hands."

The respondents point out that among the 87 witnesses presented by the petitioners, 38 claimed to be polling unit agents but did not provide any evidence to support their claim. Additionally, the 49 witnesses who testified as voters all said the same thing, making the same mistakes, which raises doubts about their credibility.

Abiodun/APC also challenge the basis of the petition itself, arguing that it is not supported by the provisions of the Electoral Act related to the margin of lead principle. They reference a Supreme Court verdict to highlight that the petitioners failed to prove overvoting since Adebutu did not present the BVAS machines for the units in question.

Addressing allegations of forgery against Governor Abiodun, the respondents state that Adebutu did not provide any evidence to support his claims. In fact, a WAEC official summoned by the Tribunal produced a certified copy of the same certificate submitted by the governor to INEC. The respondents also dispute the claim that Abiodun had a conviction in Miami, USA, arguing that no judgment was provided as evidence, and even if it existed, it would relate to events from 37 years ago, which are beyond the disqualifying period.

The respondents further highlight the lack of admissible evidence provided by the petitioners to prove their allegations of vote-buying against Governor Abiodun. Instead, they draw attention to two police investigation reports that establish the massive and proven details of vote-buying conducted by Adebutu during the election. They note that Adebutu and other PDP members are currently facing criminal trial for these offenses.

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