Allegations of Corruption and Political Manipulation Surrounds Nigeria's Chief Of Staff.

Abuja Network News

In a stunning revelation that has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamela, former Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives and current chief of staff to President Tinubu, has been accused of selling top government appointments to the highest bidders.

Numerous credible sources, both within and outside the ruling party, have come forward, accusing Mr. Gbajabiamela of exploiting his influential position as the president's chief of staff. It is alleged that he has been engaging in backroom deals, demanding exorbitant sums of money in foreign currencies from aspirants vying for executive positions. Shockingly, these nominations are allegedly being handed out without consideration for individuals' contributions to President Tinubu's electoral success.

Prominent figures within the All Progressives Congress (APC) have expressed deep dissatisfaction with the perceived sidelining of notable party leaders and stakeholders during the nomination process. There are grave concerns that Mr. Gbajabiamela, along with a powerful group of associates known as the "cabal," has established an impenetrable circle around the president. This group allegedly manipulates access to President Tinubu and prevents anyone they deem uncontrollable from securing positions of power.

According to an anonymous source who spoke to Abuja Network News, Mr. Gbajabiamela harbors a secret political agenda. He is purportedly eyeing the presidency in the 2027 general elections, speculating that President Tinubu may not serve beyond a single term. The source further revealed that Mr. Gbajabiamela is relying on influential Nigerians whose interests he seeks to safeguard, desperately seeking their support to fulfill his ambitions.

To achieve his goals, Mr. Gbajabiamela is alleged to be employing every means possible to block the nomination of former Governor Mallam Nasir Elrufai of Kaduna State. It is believed that Mr. Gbajabiamela perceives Governor Elrufai as a potential threat to his plans, unwilling to dance to his tune.

Furthermore, Abuja Network News discovered that Mr. Gbajabiamela has taken complete control over the nomination process for board appointments in various parastatals. By isolating prominent stakeholders who he suspects may not back his personal agenda, he has successfully hijacked the proceedings. This alarming development has raised concerns about the stability and unity of the party itself. As one anonymous source lamented, "It is quite unfortunate, but one man's ambition is threatening the very foundation of the party."

In response, former Governor Mallam Nasir Elrufai has conveyed to President Tinubu his reluctance to serve in his cabinet. Governor Elrufai allegedly came to this decision after recognizing that powerful forces within the president's inner circle were actively working against him. This conclusion was bolstered by a damning report from the Department of State Services (DSS), which falls under the jurisdiction of the president.

Meanwhile, social and traditional media influencers from Northern Nigeria have begun interpreting Mr. Gbajabiamela's actions as an intentional undermining of the region that played a crucial role in President Tinubu's electoral victory. Among them, prominent media figure and CEO of Human Rights Radio, Mr. Ahmed Musa, accused President Tinubu of appointing the best minds from the Southwest while reserving appointments for "rotten politicians" from other regions, particularly the North.

However, a reliable source within the Presidency vehemently denies these claims, instead shifting the blame onto Mr. Gbajabiamela, Nuhu Ribadu, the president's national security adviser, and other close associates. According to this source, these individuals are driven by their personal ambitions, which extend far beyond President Tinubu's tenure.

The allegations against Mr. Gbajabiamela have ignited a firestorm of controversy, as Nigerians grapple with the implications of these shocking accusations. The future of the ruling party and the aspirations of those who seek to lead the nation hang in the balance as investigations into these allegations continue.

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