When Loyalty Turns Stupidity By Seedorf Oluwadare.

"Loyalty Is A Characteristic Trait. Those Who Have It, Give It Free Of Charge"~Ellen J. Barrier

Harping on the quote above and learning from the unquenchable forgiving character of President Tinubu as a panacea for success in politics and life in general.

The recent case of President Tinubu and former Governor of Lagos State, HE, Gov. Ambode reconciliation must serve as a good lesson to all young persons, particularly those who fueled the crises under the guise of loyalty on either of the two leader's side.

Majority of our young people have nailed themselves for life today because they stupidly inherity their leaders perceived enemies, and unfortunately most of these leaders end up reconciling with their so called enemies without these (eye-service) followers (predominantly youths) just as the case with PBAT and Ambode to the detriment of these followers.

Who will ever imagine that the likes of Fani-Kayode and co will join the APC while the hitherto cordial relationship between PBAT and the likes of Aregbesola, Osinbajo, Alhaji  Lai and even Amaechi will go sour like we saw during the election?

Watching Sen. Ayim Pius Ayim and Olisah Metuh who visited President Tinubu yesterday at Aso-Villa, congratulating him and rooting for participatory government should teach our youths across different political parties more lesson not to make ourselves enemies but to stay glued to our interests while maintaining good relationship with people across all divide.

The funny aspect of loyalty is that sometimes it doesn't yield deserved fruit on time and at times it is not reciprocated. After all, it is not all seeds planted that germinate if not for the grace and blessing of our maker.

Conclusively, it is important to be loyal to any course we believe in but we must be conscious to depict when stupidity begin to set in by desisting from inheriting others enemies, blackmailing others, assassinating peoples character, pulling others down and pitching leaders against themselves because we curry favour from them.

Remember what will be will surely be.

*Seedorf Oluwadare.*,
*APC Youth Leader, Iba LCDA.*

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