Adamawa Ministerial Slot: Who The Cap Fit

As the choice of who  become our ministerial nominee from the State, is generating a huge momentum in the recent days. Likeable to the conscience of my reader, this view is however, posit to a single personality within the politicking of the State. Hon. Dr. Dahiru Hamman Dikko, the North East Zonal Coordinator Tinubu Support Group, the convener National Coordinator Northern region support Tinubu/Kashim 2023 Agenda, and the immediate past North East Zonal Coordinator, Contact and mobilisation of the APC PCC. 

HON.DR. DAHIRU HAMMANDIKKO'S, grim struggles and believed for the realization of BAT/KASH, agenda was of a profound root as he, was in the early led to had tour the entire Northern part of the country, forming structures, galvanizing support, establishing network and selling our BAT agenda, across the Northern shores. Perhaps, it is of no mistake to say that he was among the few who had held the early glitting light and awaken the sleeping spirit of many Nigerians, to tour the side of BAT, before, during and after the APC Presidential primaries till ithis moment, even when some were engrossed itightly enough with apprehension and vague to join the BAT canoe, at it pick up, HON.DR. HAMMANDIKKO, did  with braved and doggedness, pulling hands from the start in peddling the BAT/KASH, canoe to the victory land nwe are today. Indeed if one should deserve reward or compensation for his unwavering support and effort, then HON.DR. DAHIRU HAMMANDIKKO, should be the Ministerial nominee from Adamawa State, under BAT administration.

His political prowess has a swift, and have gained widely acknowledgement across the length and breathe of the State, and the Northern part of the country at large. He is known to be calm, vivacious,sagacious and humble in his approached to our difficult political scene. It make more sense to say that having HON.DR. DAHIRU HAMMANDIKKO, as a Minister, will add up a huge value to the RENEWED HOPE AGENDA, and the political peace we are meant to observe within the APC, in Adamawa State, as he will not be as enthusiastic as others, but rather focus on deliverability and genuine peace building across all quarters. This confidence is base on the fact that he has for so long moisted his political ideology and thoughts alongside our rich profound RENEWED HOPE AGENDA, and as part of the source of the vision he, shared a similar desired and dreams of a better Nigeria, with his Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. And like any other illustration uSon's and Daughter's of the State, who had made us proud in the course of National service before now, so will DR.HAMMANDIKKO, do if appointed as a Minister, reassuringly he will bring back home more development to our dear State.

Nevertheless, been benevolent were typical of his kind, many of our youths from the State, who had ran across him, will always have a cheering stories to tell,over how he graciously lay a helping hands to both individuals and community, this act of kindness has earned him a place next to many of our great leaders in the State. Therefore, having such an individual with such attributes as a Minister from our dear State, will be far more beneficial to all of us. Let's all rally round to ensure that HON.DR. DAHIRU HAMMANDIKKO, is nominated as a Minister from Adamawa State.

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