World Leaders Furious and Vow to Challenge Coup against Niger's President


Niger's President Mohamed Bazoum faced a coup attempt by members of the presidential guard, which has been strongly condemned by the African Union (AU), world leaders, and regional blocs.

According to a tweet from Niger's presidency on Wednesday, the members of the presidential guard engaged in an "anti-Republican demonstration" and made unsuccessful attempts to gain support from other security forces.

The AU, in response to the coup attempt, called on Nigeriens and Africans to unite in condemning the coup and demanded the immediate and unconditional return of the rebel soldiers to their barracks.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) also condemned the actions of the presidential guardsman, describing it as an attempt to forcibly remove Bazoum from power. The ECOWAS Commission urged the coup plotters to release the democratically elected president and emphasized its commitment to resisting any effort to overthrow Niger's government.

Nigerian President Bola Tinubu, chairman of the ECOWAS Commission, stated that the ECOWAS region and supporters of democracy worldwide will not tolerate any situation that undermines the democratically elected government of Niger.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed strong condemnation of any attempt to seize power by force in Niger. He called on all parties involved to exercise restraint and emphasized the importance of democratic governance, peace, and stability in the country.

Algeria, Nigeria, and Benin Republic joined in condemning the attempted coup, reaffirming their rejection of any unconstitutional changes to government.

France also denounced any attempt to seize power through violence. The French foreign ministry spokeswoman expressed Paris' support for the African Union's call to restore the integrity of democratic institutions.

The United Kingdom's junior foreign minister, Andrew Mitchell, voiced condemnation of any actions that undermine stability and democracy in Niger. The UK closely monitored the situation and called for an end to the events, echoing the calls of the African Union and ECOWAS for the swift restoration of Niger's democratically elected institutions.

The United States expressed deep concern over the developments in Niger and demanded the release of President Bazoum from detention. The US also urged the elements of the presidential guard to refrain from violence.

The international community stands united in condemning the coup attempt and supporting Niger's democratic processes, emphasizing the importance of upholding peace and stability in the country.

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