Nigeria To Join The Global Market With Crowwe- Adamu Garba

By Mohammed Bello Doka

As the competition grows stiffer between world economies in the area of ICT one of the leading job and revenue providers, the founder of Nigerian start up Crowwe has admonished that Nigeria will soon join the global market. 

Adamu Garba made this remark on his Facebook handle, apparently reacting to the current standoff between the owners of Twitter and Meta Mess rs Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. 

Mr. Adamu Garba post read thus, “Let them thread or tweet, we don’t mind. The market is large enough for all of us. All I know is that Nigeria will soon join the global platform market space with Crowwe… just few days!”

Social media has become a significant tool in information and communication management, a top ranking job creator and revenue generator for many economies.

The major social media platforms across the globe rake in billions of dollars annually and provide millions of indirect jobs to creators, writers, influencers, and the likes. 

The struggle to control the social media which has become a global village has intensified over the years. Countries are competing to outpace each other and dominate the market. 

The coming of Crowwe as a Nigerian platform will help revolutionize and balance some perceived injustices perpetrated by the mainstream platform and provide opportunities for African Youth who have found a new way of income generation through content creation, skit making, among others. 

Crowwe if well utilized will have the capacity to influence and sustain Nigeria's dominance in information technology in Africa and provide a platform that we will be proud of.

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