Electoral Act: Kaduna State Tribunal Sacks LP Representative, PDP Declared Winner

By Mohammed Bello Doka
Abuja- In a significant development, the Kaduna State National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal has recently made a decision regarding the membership of the House of Representatives. The tribunal has rendered a verdict to sack Hon Donatus Mathew, the LP (Labour Party) member representing Kaura Constituency in Kaduna State. Consequently, the PDP (People's Democratic Party) candidate has been declared the rightful winner.

Hon Donatus Mathew, who hails from an Okada riding background, had gained prominence after his surprising victory in February, where he defeated the long-standing PDP representative, who had held the position for an impressive 30 years. However, this triumph has been overturned by the tribunal due to the LP's failure to comply with the provisions outlined in the Electoral Act.

The tribunal's ruling serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to the electoral laws and regulations that govern our democratic process. The electoral act plays a pivotal role in ensuring fair and just elections, granting equal opportunities to candidates, and maintaining the integrity of the electoral system. It sets forth guidelines and requirements that political parties, candidates, and voters must follow to guarantee transparency and accountability.

In light of this decision, it is imperative for all political parties and candidates to have a thorough understanding of the electoral act and ensure strict compliance with its provisions. Failure to do so can result in severe consequences, as highlighted by Hon Donatus Mathew's removal from the House of Representatives.

It is worth noting that the tribunal's decision not only affects the immediate future of Hon Donatus Mathew but also has broader implications for the constituents of Kaura Constituency. The PDP candidate, who has now been declared the winner, will assume the responsibilities of representing the constituency in the House of Representatives. This power transfer brings about fresh prospects, challenges, and expectations for the newly appointed representative.

As this development unfolds, the focus now shifts to the wider political landscape in Kaduna State. Will this decision have ripple effects on other political positions and parties? It remains to be seen how the LP and PDP, as well as other political stakeholders, will respond to this tribunal ruling and its implications for the future.

In conclusion, the Kaduna State National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal has made a significant decision by sacking Hon Donatus Mathew, an LP member of the House of Representatives, due to the party's non-compliance with the electoral act. This ruling emphasizes the vital importance of adhering to electoral regulations and serves as a reminder for all political participants to familiarize themselves with and strictly adhere to the provisions outlined in the Electoral Act. The PDP candidate has been duly declared the winner and will now represent the people of Kaura Constituency in the House of Representatives. As this story continues to unfold, it is essential to observe the potential consequences and wider political implications of this tribunal ruling in Kaduna State.

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