President Tinubu Advances Female Inclusion in Government Appointments

By Fatima M. Sambo
In a commendable move towards gender equality and inclusivity, President Bola Tinubu announced the nomination of seven women as part of his ministerial list sent to the National Assembly. This represents 25% of the total nominees, reflecting Tinubu's commitment to promoting the involvement of women in decision-making positions.

Prior to this announcement, the President had already appointed twelve special advisers, four of whom were women, constituting an impressive 33% representation. With a total appointment of seven female ministers and four female special advisers so far, President Tinubu is staying true to his promise of achieving a 35% inclusion of women in his government, as stated in the Renewed Hope Manifesto.

President Tinubu's dedication to fulfilling his campaign promises is evident in his proactive approach. While it is still early days, his track record as a promise keeper instills confidence that all commitments will be met.

Moreover, women have every reason to be optimistic about their significant role in this government. President Tinubu's sincere efforts towards gender parity demonstrate his recognition of the invaluable contributions women can make in shaping policies and driving progress.

Notably, Dr. Betta Edu, at the young age of 36, stands out as one of the youngest ministers ever appointed in the fourth republic. Her appointment exemplifies President Tinubu's willingness to embrace fresh perspectives and tap into the potential of talented individuals regardless of age or gender.

As we witness these positive steps towards greater female representation in the Nigerian government, it becomes clear that President Tinubu is committed to building a more inclusive and diverse nation for all its citizens.

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