Police Block EFCC Agents from Raiding Abdullahi Adamu's Residence: Standoff Ensues

By Mohammed Bello Doka. Abuja Network News reported that police officers blocked EFCC agents from raiding Abdullahi Adamu's residence last night. According to sources, a group of anti-graft operatives faced resistance from police orderlies attached to Mr.

 Adamu when they arrived at his house on Ali Akilu Crescent. Despite presenting a search warrant signed by a judge, the police officers refused to allow the agents entry, citing the late hour. The standoff lasted for several hours, with no casualties reported. 

The incident occurred amidst mounting pressure for Mr. Adamu to step down as the national chairman of the ruling party. The push is said to be due to his lack of support for President Bola Tinubu during the APC's presidential primary and the subsequent election.

 Although Mr. Adamu attended campaign rallies, insiders claim it was merely a face-saving measure. 

While Mr. Adamu admitted to having differences with the president, he downplayed their severity. However, there were indications over the weekend that unknown aides to the president attempted to pressure him into resigning. 

Rumors of his resignation circulated, but no evidence has been confirmed. Members of the party's national working body expressed their disappointment in Mr. Adamu for not officially informing them of any decision to step down. 

When contacted for comment, Mr. Adamu declined to provide any details, and a party spokesperson also refrained from making a statement.

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