Crowwe Will Address Perceived Injustices On Africans By The Mainstream.

By Mohammed Bello Doka. 
The founder and chairman of the Nigeria's Social Media platform Crowwe Adamu Garba has announced that the platform will soon be active and available to users in a matter of days. 

Adamu Garba made this announcement on his Facebook handle where he assured Nigerians that Nigeria will join the global market in a matter of days. 

The launching of the social media app will go along way in addressing some injustices mated on Africans by the mainstream social media platforms.

For example, YouTube, a social media platform that rewards content creators for views, pays more than ten times when someone in America views your content compared to anywhere in Africa. 

Another example is TikTok a Chinese platform passioned like YouTube which also rewards users per view on their content. But one shocking reality is TikTok monetization is not available to users in any part of Africa. 

Similarly, the “go fund me” app, an application popularly used for crowdfunding and fundraising, is strictly reserved to users in the first and the second worlds and far beyond the reach of users in Africa and other third world nations. 

These and many other injustices will be addressed if Africans will focus more on engaging platforms made by Africans and for Africans.

It will be worth celebrating if Crowwe will integrate and Africanize it reactions and other features to give an African sense of belonging in a global market that is continuously dominated by white supremacists.

Let's be proud of ourselves, it is a global competition if we don't beat our drums no will, go Crowwe. 

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