Why Proposed Merger Of NCS, NIMASSA, FIR Is Not A Good Idea. | Abuja Network News

By Mohammed Bello Doka
Report making round on both traditional  social media says the President Tinubu's economic advisers are proposing the merger of the Nigerian Custom Service, Federal Inland Revenue and NIMASSA for efficient management of the nations' revenue sources. 

In as much as this will sound like a good idea at face value, but scrutiny of the said plan will leave south taste on our tongues in many regards. 

The merger of the above institutions will only consolidate power in very few hands and worst will lead to job lost or stagnate the recruitment process in the said agencies at a time we're struggling with acute job losses amidst rising unemployment.

The immediate past administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has attempted the merger of some ministrys e.g. ministry of works, power, and Housing. Instead of having a single ministry for each of the above, but the question here is: What was the result?

Secondly, NIMASA, FIR,NCS are varied fields or institutes which play similar but varied roles that require not only human resources but expertise and knowledge of the said trail. 

In as much as improving and securing Nigeria's sources of revenue is Paramount, but it should not be at the expense of job losses. Rather, the government should employ the use of technology to make the various agencies more effective than consolidating power in a few hands at the expense of the majority.

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