Tinubu Is A Master Strategist, Says An Obidient Who Confessed To Superior Fire Power Of The Jagaban

By Mohammed Bello Doka
An open minded Obidient who accepted to Tinubu's superior intellect and faculty of thinking has recently dropped a series of confessional statement where he warns his fellow Obidients on the folly of underrating the Jagaban. 

Emeka Orjih as popular Obidient confessed in his verified social media handle that Tinubu is not only the Jagaban Borgu but the Jagaban of Nigerian politics due to his superior intellect and power of thought. 

The full confessional statement below. 

You call him sick and feeble. I call him Master Strategist.I didn't use to. I am Obidient. Till tomorrow. But I recognize talent when I see one.

This sick man managed to defeat the political establishment and a sitting president to pick his primary ticket. He took on the 2 most powerful figures in his party (Chairman and President) and won. While he was sick!

To even get there he bulldozed through opposition from the 3 most powerful positions in the country....President, VP, Senate President. All 3 against him. He took all 3 down. And continued his march to the general elections.

At general elections, inspite of being a first timer and a novice, he still somehow managed to dismantle a veteran in the presidential election business. And then also dismantled a madly popular candidate. He won (albeit rigged. But hey! Thats our environment!)

Two major battles....this sick man won. 

And won without any executive powers.

Do you now think that governing Nigeria with all the executive powers of the President would be more difficult than winning these 2 battles without executive powers?

You may need to think again.

If he won these critical battles against the most powerful establishment figures with no executive power...imagine what he could do with executive powers?

Disregard this man at your own peril. 
Belittle the man at your own expense.
My name is Emeka Orjih. And I voted for Peter Obi. But maximum respect to:

President Bola Tinubu. Master Strategist.

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